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How using solar energy makes you more responsible?

When you’re consuming electric energy for your needs, you leave carbon footprints and waste non-renewable resources at the same time. This means that you aren’t acting responsibly by employing the electrical energy coming from the grid. At the same time, you will... [Read more]

Solar Energy: Reducing Expensive Electricity Bills!

Solar Energy: An Answer To Reducing Your Expensive Electricity Bills!   Solar energy is an eco-friendly power source for our every day use. With its very affordable financial savings along with a plethora of benefits, it is selected by many property owners to get a versatile... [Read more]

Performance Plants: Solution To Global Warming?

Amidst the worsening scenarios brought by global warming, scientists have specially formulated a kind of plant that can withstand the rapid changes in the earth’s climate and environment. Performance plants are said to be the solution to global warming. But for a start, let... [Read more]

Solar Panel Right For Your Home?

Spending less and being more streamlined is something people always want. Solar technology is among the growing trends but is it really worthwhile? Solar energy can be applied to a number of different uses including electricity, heating, cooking, and many more. Solar energy has... [Read more]

Green Future

With the explosion of green engineering and the demand for high efficiency constructing, almost everyone has heard of the new trends. Anybody thinking of carrying out any remodelling or enhancement project on their own homes nowadays can’t help yet take these technologies for... [Read more]

Benefits of solar energy

  Solar energy reduces our reliance on the regular energy sources. This implies lot of things to human race especially in terms of overall improvement in life on this planet. With solar power cells providing the majority of the energy, the planet will turn into a fitter... [Read more]

Investorideas.com Newswire – Solar Stocks Alert: CBD Energy (ASX:CBD) Launches Renewable Energy Business in the U.S.

Solar Stocks Alert: CBD Energy (ASX:CBD) Launches Renewable Energy Business in the U.S. Company Introduces Solar, Energy Efficiency and Storage Technologies, as well as EPC Project Development and Energy Services Debuting with Westinghouse Solar at Solar... [Read more]

Pattaya Daily News

After the devastating floods of last year, the National Housing Authority is envisioning a new type of “amphibious” home that will rise to float on... [Read more]

Energy companies seek electricity storage

Technology developers are shuttling between caves and mountaintops to build a market for utilities set to attract $25 billion in annual investment within a decade. To store surplus electricity... [Read more]

Heart of Ikea: Behind the scenes

In our second story from the  Read More →

Solar panel gadget can save Lincoln residents £500

— This story first appeared in the Lincolnshire Business Week email newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. Subscribe free here. Residents who own their homes could... [Read more]

Harmony Solar Community to be proposed today

A pioneering solar community for Strathmore will be presented today at the annual USDA Rural Development, Multi-Family Housing Conference in Sacramento. The proposed project is for an approximate... [Read more]

REAL GOODS SOLAR: Leasing Solar Equipment a Viable Alternative

PR Web Lumberton, New Jersey (PRWEB) August 27, 2012 Leasing equipment for solar energy is a fairly new option for those who do not wish to buy solar equipment, yet would like... [Read more]

becoming greener at home: Understand Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages – Home – DIY

It is not optional to know precisely what these solar energy benefits and also disadvantages. Undoubtedly, you could have read or maybe noticed substitute strength... [Read more]